Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Squidoo Lens

We often talk about Squidoo as a Google magnet - which it is.
However, Squidoo traffic generation has to be a two-way

Google values Squidoo lenses because they are focused and
regularly updated. However, Google also assesses popularity
- the level of traffic attracted by the Squidoo lens and it's

This all goes into the mix in determining the page ranking and
positioning of a Squidoo lens on Google - and the resultant
level 0f organic traffic to the Squidoo lens.

Squidoo, in turn, takes traffic into the equation when it
assesses lensrank. Traffic, understandably, is a major
component of Squidoo lensrank. Additionally, the higher
your lensrank, the more traffic you will get from
Squidoo members themselves.

There has also been the suggestion lately that Google
takes the Squidoo lensrank into account when determining
the page rank and positioning of a Squidoo lens. I can't verify
this statement but it is consistent with my own observations
of my lenses.

So the basic message is - don't just create a lens and expect
traffic to flow to you. You still have to work at
traffic to your Squidoo lens.

The payoff is the compounding effect that traffic generation
has - on your Squidoo lensrank, your Google page rank and
positioning and your direct Squidoo traffic flow.

10 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Squidoo Lens

1. Write and submit articles to article directories

2. Create your own blog posts

3. Make comments on other related blogs

4. Use Twitter daily

5. Write a free e-book with links to your Squidoo lens

6. Use free classified ads

7. Participate in Giveaways or free downloads

8. Use pay per click (PPC)

9. Use paid advertising

10. Use social bookmarking.

The combined effect of these traffic methods can boost
your organic Google traffic, build your lensrank and
increase your Squidoo direct traffic as well.

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