Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"I just updated my Squidoo lens" what!

Well the "so what" is a natural
reaction when people see this
comment on Twitter for the
hundredth or thousandth time.

The same applies to the comment, "I'm reading [lens]".

These are the default settings when you use the Squidoo facility
to tweet about Squidoo actions.

It's important to make the most of each tweet and make it meaningful.

Ways to do this are to:
  1. advise readers of the content of a recently updated lens
  2. highlight a new feature, post or module
  3. explain the use of a special module
  4. show how you have used a newly released module
  5. comment on a guestbook post
  6. advise of an award for the lens (e.g. Purple Star)
  7. mention a significant lensrank change
  8. highlight an increase in traffic for the lens
  9. mention a newly added module.
Here's some examples of what I have posted lately
on Twitter instead of using the standard tweet,
"I've updated [my Squidoo lens]":

Squidoo training: how to add modules, analyze traffic
and promote affiliate products:

Cupcake recipes and designs - the cupcake
company Brisbane:

I've used the screen capture program, SnagIt, to add
screen shots to my Squidoo training lens:

My Squidoo lens on cupcakes has had 6,900 visitors
since its creation in June 2008 (without active promotion):

SEO? - 650 different keywords used on Google
(over 3 months) to locate this tropical rainforest
Squidoo lens:

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