Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twitter Traffic Machine Review

I've set up my Twitter Traffic Machine with
great results.

Installation was easy with both video and
PDF guidance provided.

The viral traffic system uses free web-based
software to create a steady flow of new,
targeted Twitter followers.

In the last three days I have gained an
additional 300 followers.

I could have grown my Twitter following a lot
more with the Twitter Traffic Machine
but I wanted to limit my followers to selected
people (using specific tags). I could have used
broader terms to get more followers but the
advantage of this system is that you can make
your recruiting very targeted. This way you only
get followers who are interested in the areas that
you want to write and share about.

Now my Twitter follower numbers increase with
each hour of the day.

This gives me a much larger target audience to
share with. It has enabled me to leverage my
blogging and article writing.

I can tap more easily into relevant Twitter conversations
because I have a wider range of contributors to the
themes that I am interested in.

The Twitter Traffic Machine has also enriched my
experience of Twitter. For example, I came across
these two sites and joined the relevant groups:
  1. Squidoo Twibes
  2. Squidoo Marketing
See what Twitter Traffic Machine can do for you,

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