Sunday, May 10, 2009

Squidoo lenses: local marketing

I was reintroduced to classified ads recently
by Jinger Jarrett.

Jinger has developed her own classified ads site that
also provides syndication of your ads by promoting
your classified ads on all of the top classified ad sites
like, Walmart, Facebook, MySpace,
Backpage and over 200 top classified ad sites.

I have been using Jinger's site lately to promote
my Squidoo lenses, free and paid e-books and
affiliate products.

Jinger suggests that you write five ads per day
(that stay in circulation for a month) and offer
five products (across three main areas). As
the ads are renewable by a click of a button, you can
have hundreds circulating through multiple sites
very quickly.

Jinger's classified ad site enables you to do
local marketing within the US
by City within State

The steps I take are:

1. Check out the keywords for my product on
the Google Insight for Search

2. Identify the cities that have high search
volumes for the particular keyword (...and
the State involved - great for us Aussies who
do not know all the US cities)

3. Write a classified ad for the keyword with
the city and State in mind ( can do this
in a coffee shop or on the plane, as I do)

4. Submit the classified ad to Jinger's site.

Then I repeat the process to submit as many ads
as I can in the time available.

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
Giant Squid. He provides free resources
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Sarah said...

Hi Ron

I love getting your emails and reading this blog. Very interesting post but the links in seem to be broken.

Take care and thanks


Ron Passfield said...

Hi Sarah - I've just checked every link in this post and it worked for me. Hope it works for others as well.

Thanks for the comment re the emails (Squidoo Marketing Strategies ezine).