Friday, January 01, 2010

Internet Marketing Training: 30 Day Challenge Plus (30DC+) Review



Over the past couple of months I have participated in the
30 Day Challenge Plus Internet marketing training.

There is no doubt about it, but this is certainly leading edge
stuff.  You actually get to look over the shoulder of the Master
Marketer, Ed Dale, as he creates and markets original content.

Ed Dale not only takes you into his office and his car,
he also takes you into his mind.  He explains what he
does, how he does it and why.

Best of all he illustrates everything with video, clarifies with
podcasts and provides PDF transcripts of everything.

I thought I knew a lot about Internet marketing before I
started this program.  However, as it's leading edge
I have been able to learn heaps.  The beauty of it is
that Ed shares with you what he discovers in Internet
marketing as it occurs.

He focuses strongly on participants taking action steps so
that what you learn you put into action straight away.
For example, he has set up a special Flickr group for
30DC+ members to put into practise his hints on producing
and distributing great photos (Ed is a passionate photographer
as well).

The essence of the 30DC+ approach is the creation of original
content and its distribution in the marketplace.  He shows you
how you can use your everyday tools and actions (inputs) to
create quality content for social media marketing (outputs).

Ed has consciously created a community through his 30DC+
forum which enables members to share their experiences
and ask questions.

The 30 Day Challenge Plus program certainly encourages
you to be the best marketer you can be.  There is plenty
of opportunity to stretch yourself and learn, and heaps of
encouragement along the way.

Each month, Ed introduces a new theme and provides
demonstration videos, podcasts, transcripts, Q & A
webinars and an interview around the theme.

I strongly recommend this program - there are more than
12 months of resources and ideas available if you access
the program now.

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