Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Impacts of Google+ Integration with Search Engine Results | Small Business Odyssey

Google is Integrating Google+ With Search Engine Results

google+ concentric circles

Google is changing the whole landscape of Internet search through integration of Google+ with organic and paid search results.

A number of prominent Internet marketers have reported recently that they are seeing this integration of Google+ in the search results and have screenshots to prove it.  Mike Brooks, for example, shows a screenshot where a number of paid search results are shown above the organic search results, but on the right hand side are the results from Google+:

This change by Google to give prominence to its new social network, Google+, has major implications for small business marketing and affiliate marketing. As Bill Guthrie points out, 'Google+ is now mandatory'. If you are not in Google+, you will see your search engine results decline because Google's latest move changes the face of SEO. In this blog post, I explore the implications for small business marketing and offer suggestions about how to take advantage of Google+ and its future integration into search engine results. I also propose a new way of looking at Internet marketing which is illustrated by the image above. This particular post is one of a series of posts on Google Plus..

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