Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pay Per Click:: Top 10 Tips For A Quality Squidoo Landing Page

After viewing Amit's videos, I decided
to create some PPC ads using a Squidoo
lens as a landing page.

The ad with the Squidoo landing page
appeared on the first page of Google
results for 13 of the 15 keywords.

The results for a number of the keywords included listings in
the first position. Often the ads were in the first three positions.

As a result of this experiment, I have developed a number of
ways of increasing the quality of Squidoo PPC landing pages.

The strategies are explained in the following article:
The Top 10 Tips For A Quality Squidoo Landing Page

What I also learned:
1. Under Google AdWords new rules, even if you bid below
the first page "bid estimate", your PPC ads can appear
on the first page of Google results. Previously, your
keyword would be treated as "inactive".

2. Google AdWords appear to rotate the display of PPC
ads. So on the first search, your ad may appear in the
no.1 position, while on the second search, your ad could
be in position 3.

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strategies into practice. It's surprising how much Amit
reveals of his secret PPC approach.

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Elizabeth said...

Interesting observation, I will have to create some Squidoo lenses and give this a try. Thanks!