Thursday, August 06, 2009

Squidoo: you can make a difference

Squidoo provides the opportunity to promote your favorite charity.

You can build a lens promoting the charity, encourage charity
members to create their own Squidoo lenses about the
organization or work with the charity over time to
help them to become recognized by Squidoo.

If you take this latter course the charity will be able to receive
donations via Paypal from Squidoo members and Squidoo itself.

Recently I was inspired by the charitable work of Sarah Garnett who
established the Footpath Library in Sydney. Her growing organization
provides books (mainly new) to the homeless and the disadvantaged
in hostels.

The organization now supplies over 1,000 books per week to people
in the streets and to libraries in hostels.

This story is incredibly inspiring so I just had to create a Squidoo
lens to share it:

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