Sunday, August 23, 2009

Squidoo: promote your Squidoo lens on RedGage

Here are four ways to promote your Squidoo lens on the social
bookmarking site, RedGage.

1. Upload the URL of the Squidoo lens

Use the "upload link" option to record the URL of your Squidoo lens.
You add title, description and keywords.

2. Upload the URL of a module of your Squidoo lens

Again use the "upload link" option but select an appropriate module
and add a relevant title and description and keywords

3. Upload a photo or image related to your lens

Here you use the "upload photo" option and again add title,
description and keywords. Once the photo/image is uploaded,
immediately add a comment with a link to your lens. RedGage
automatically hyperlinks URLs in comments.

4. Create a blog post on RedGage about your Squidoo lens

Use the "blog upload " option (option 1 on the upload function) and
create a post relevant to your lens with a link to your lens. This is
the most flexible option as you are provided with a full blogging
platform. So you can insert images and change the presentation.
You can also create multiple blog posts about the same Squidoo

RedGage encourages cross-posting but avoid using the same title
within a category of upload (e.g. links). The RedGage platform
enables you to get multiple backlinks for each of your Squidoo lenses
(and uploaded modules). If you use your titles, descriptions and
keywords effectively you can rank well for many
long tail keywords.

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