Saturday, August 08, 2009

RedGage August Contest

RedGage, the new social bookmarking and social networking
site has monthly contests to encourage users to contribute
positively to the development of the site.

The details of the August RedGage contest are shown here:

August Contest

For the month of August, the RedGage Contest has two parts:
a raffle and a competition.

The Raffle

RedGage users can collect points for receiving views,
rating content, commenting on content,
inviting people
to join Redgage or mentioning
RedGage on other sites
(mentions have to be separately
advised to Redgage in the form provided).

These points are raffle tickets that are collected until midnight
each day. There will be daily ($25), weekly ($50) and
monthly ($200) winners that are chosen at random.
(Note: minimum points to be able to enter = 10 points,
a very low activity point).

The Competition

New this month is the competition that ranks users according
to their activity. There is a scoreboard that shows the ranking
of the Top 20 users in the following categories:
  • receiving views
  • rating content
  • commenting on content
  • inviting people to join Redgage
  • mentioning RedGage on other sites

The scoreboard helps users to determine their progress in each
category and determine what is required of them to win the
cash prizes.

The user who is ranked number one
(in each category)
will be the competition
winner of the day.

Just like the raffle, daily activity will clear at the end
of the day to even the playing field for the next day's
competition. However, users will still be tracked for
the weekly and monthly competition.

You will be able to win (in each category) only once per week!

The following cash prizes are awarded to the competition


Daily Winner

Weekly Winner

Monthly Winner

Views Received




















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and the August Contest

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