Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Google Indexing of Squidoo Lenses

In a recent invited post for the SquidLog blog, I highlighted
the need to be conscious of the way that Google indexes
Squidoo lens.

Some of the key messages were:
  • it is not enough to concentrate on your primary keyword alone
  • too much emphasis on the primary keyword can result in loss of rank
  • using keywords irrelevant to the lens focus can result in penalties
The secret is to think broad and stay relevant. Great teachers
can express the same concept in multiple ways. Good SEO involves
writing with the primary keyword in mind while linking it to related
terms and phrases.

[In one sense, it's like applying the principles of "anchor text",
but on a broader level.]

Throughout this blog discussion, I used the search results for my
digital storytelling Squidoo lens as an example.

For the full text of this discussion, visit:
Keywords and Deep Indexing of Squidoo Lenses

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