Sunday, January 08, 2012

Small Business Marketing Through the Squidoo Search Engine | Small Business Odyssey

Squidoo is a Search Engine!: Implications for Small Business Marketing

squidoo - search engine

Squidoo is a search engine in its own right with other 2.5 Million lenses focused on key topic areas.   Even experienced lensmasters tend to forget this aspect of Squidoo.

As Squidoo grows so does its data base of information.  So if you are searching for information on specific topics, you will increasingly find quality, focused information by searching Squidoo.

It's often easy to overlook the fact that Squidoo is a search engine in its own right as well as a marketing platform. One of the drivers behind the development of Squidoo was the desire to produce quality search results. So if you search on a topic on the site, you should come up with some quality information rather than a list of ads or lots of post lifted from elsewhere.

Squidoo has introduced an Originality Pact to reinforce their desire to have lensmasters produce quality, unique content that readers will value. In fact, in these days of Google's algorith changes, originality will be the key to survival of Squidoo and other related sites.

The implication for small business marketing is that the quality of you lenses brands you and your small business. You are branded by other lensmasters, by Google and Squidoo itself - in other words you are given a "value" in the eyes of these stakeholders. If you want people to return to your lenses and visit other Squidoo lenses of yours, you need quality and originality. In a previous blog post, I spoke of the ways you can market your small business on Squidoo and develop lenses with these desired qualities.

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