Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Web 2.0 Mindset: collaborative marketing

Marketing on Web 2.0 sites through social networking requires
a change in mindset away from the traditional Web1.0 mindset.

Unfortunately many traditional Internet marketers have
been contaminated by the thought processes embedded in
Web 1.0 technology.

The change in mindset for Web 2.0 requires a shift to:
  • a collaborative mindset - away from the competitive mindset
  • natural organic growth - away from an obsession with SEO
  • long tail, tag approach - away from a small number of keywords
  • community consciousness - away from self-centredness
  • web ring orientation - away from individual, disconnected sites
  • open window mentality - away from a trap-door mentality.
Increasingly Web 2.0 involves collaborative marketing - you "like"
my Facebook Page and I reciprocate.  You comment on my
Squidoo Lens and I reciprocate. You rate my photos on
RedGage and I reciprocate.

The focus with Web 2.0 and social networking in particular is
very much about participating in, and contributing to, the community.

...and yet many top marketers today, steeped in the old ways of
doing business online, tell us that we have to "crush the competition".

It seems we are confronted and confounded by two conflicting
paradigms and the confusion is intensified by people using the
competitive mindset of Web 1.0 to promote Web 2.0 tools
and resources.

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