Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to build a local community through Squidoo

Local communities grow by exchanging information and resources,
developing ways to interact and keeping abreast of current
community activities and planned events.

The Squidoo platform is ideal for meeting these needs. The simple
point-and-click technology makes it easy to exchange
information and build interactivity.

The following elements can be added to a Squidoo lens to
facilitate local community development:

1. Explanation of the focus, purpose and character of the community
2. Photos and images
3. Videos illustrating community purpose/activities
4. Blog feed with up-to-date information
5. A noticeboard
6. Links for access to information and resources
7. A means of interaction

In the full article on this topic, I explain which Squidoo
modules can be used to meet these needs:
How to Build a Local Community With Squidoo

By way of illustration, here's Ron's award-winning
Squidoo lens for the Morningsong Community Choir, Bulimba:

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