Friday, June 03, 2011

Wizzley: A Writers' Community Launches

Wizzley, a new writers' community, has been in public launch for just over a week.

There are now over 350 authors and more than 350 original articles.

Wizzley is an article site with the option to add images and video and
other modules to enrich the article content.

There is a strong emphasis on quality with the minimum requirement
of 400 words per article.  The site has inbuilt duplicate content checks
to ensure the originality of the content.

Wizzley is very much a community so members contribute to the
community as well as write articles.  Community contributions are by
way of forum posts, commenting on articles and contributing to
improvements of the site.

The Wizzley community is a dynamic group of writers who respect
each other and collaborate in the process of creating a great site
and building each others confidence and competence as a writer.

Wizzley members can earn revenue from direct affiliate links as well
as from the following income modules:
  • Adsense
  • Amazon
  • Allposters
  • Zazzle
Revenue from these four modules is shared on an impression basis -
50% of impressions will show the author's affiliate ID and the other
50% will show Wizzley's affiliate ID.

You can also earn income from referrals - 10% of the impressions
from referrals' articles will show your affiliate ID's (for life). This
share comes off Wizzley's 50%, not your referral's.

Wizzley's Alexa rank at the time of writing is:
  • US   -   17,511
  • Germany  -  9,418
  • Global   - 135,953

Come and join us at Wizzley - the fun, fast and friendly site for authors.