Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FREE Internet Marketing Tools - ISOR

ISOR has been operating online since 1999
and has helped thousands of internet marketers
grow their business.

I first came across ISOR in 2003 and have
been a paid member since October 2006.

ISORegister offers FREE professional
marketing tools
, all available
under one roof.

Here are some of the FREE internet marketing tools:

Ad and Link Tracker
URL Rotator
Lead-Capture webpage creator
Search Engine Submission Service
Online conference system
Smart Page to manage your online professional and
personal activities
And so much more...

These tools are backed by twice weekly training
in the online conference room. The
conference training covers not only how to use the
tools but also the best strategies and approaches for
internet marketing.

There are additional online conference rooms run by
experienced internet marketers that can help you
with any facet of Internet Marketing.

The support from ISOR is second to none.
ISOR President, Darryl Graham, participates
in the online training and is available by phone or email
to answer questions. I have found Darryl very generous
with his time, resources and support. He has a genuine
interest in helping you advance YOUR business.

Darryl spends his own funds on different forms of
advertising and provides a free evaluation of each source
of advertising he uses. He advises on what is effective and
professional and identifies advertising services that are
questionable (this free service saves you time, money
and angst).

What I like is the spirit of the online community that
gathers for the online training conferences - people are
keen to help each other out and offer suggestions.

I also appreciate access to the half-priced advertising
that ISOR offers. I use this to supplement free sources
for promoting my Squidoo lenses.

I can't speak highly enough of ISOR and Darryl Graham
and his training team. ISOR is an integral part of my
Squidoo marketing approach and has provided me with a
very sound foundation for my online business.

For further information on ISOR and the FREE
marketing tools on offer, CLICK HERE.


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