Friday, May 22, 2009

How to make money on Squidoo

In my Squidoo Affiliate Marketing lens, I describe
three approaches to affiliate marketing on Squidoo:
1. Campaign method
2. Turnover method
3. Authority site method

The campaign method is epitmoized by the one week
marketing approach
developed by Giant Squid,
PotPieGirl. Her approach integrates multiple marketing
strategies around selected campaigns. This is the approach
I am adopting at the moment.

In a recent interview, Loyalis AKA Captain Squid, describes
his approach to making money on Squidoo which tends
to involve the turnover method.

He makes numerous lenses, often 20 -30 around the one
theme, and relies heavily on volume and wider exposure
through Squidoo (reflected in 500+ lenses he has created).

In his interview with Glen, Captain Squid gives some
insight into his approach but the discussion lacks the
detailed planning information provided by PotPieGirl.

You can check out Captain Squid's interview here:
An Interview with the Captain

In addition to giving you a very good insight into his
overall approach, Captain Squid highlights some
very important points that are relevant to whatever
approach you use on Squidoo:

1. lensmasters underutilize the sub-headings on modules
2. images used on lenses but hosted on your own site
can attract heaps of traffic (and good lensrank)
3. lensmasters don't appreciate the value of the Plexo
voting module (he explains how he uses it).

Of special value is the insight he provides into how
Squidoo payments are determined and what is meant
by "pay tiers" (he even has a lens dedicated to this).

This interview is well worth a read. To gain more
insights into how Squidoo works (and pays) and observe
a PRO in action, check out:
Captain Squid's Interview with Glen

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