Thursday, March 10, 2011

Facebook Changes: New iFrame Facebook Pages

Facebook will be replacing FBML Facebook Pages
(Facebook Markup Language) with the new
iFrame Facebook Page with effect from 11 March 2011.

You will no longer be able to use FBML to build your Facebook
pages.  You will have to host your own Facebook Pages.

This means that you will have to learn about iFrames and get access
to some templates to speed up the process of making
Facebook Pages for yourself and/or your clients.

The iFrame Pages will be more powerful but there are less guides,
templates and software available to assist you with this process.
However, if you want to make Facebook Pages in the future, you
will not have any choice as you will have to use iFrames.

Daniel Tan and Phil Benham have come up with a great solution
to the new iFrame Facebook pages.  FBMaxed gives you:

  • Three (3) HTML 5 cusomizable Facebook iFrame templates*
  • Step-by-step video instructions
  • Recorded video webinars (downloadable)
  • Email support
* Optimized for Mobile

The templates incorporate the "reveal" function - the "reward" page
is revealed only after the reader "Likes" the page.  You have the
option of displaying an alternative page for those who don't "like"
the landing page.

The new iFrames Facebook pages can hold video and
lead capture opt-ins. You can show full websites with or without
the reveal option.  So this is what you can have on your Facebook

  • Multiple pages on one Facebook Page
  • PHP email contact forms
  • HTML5 videos.
  • Photo galleries
  • Extended Facebook Pages (3000 pixels)
  • Lead capture opt-ins
  • Sales pages & Landing pages
  • Reveal Splash pages

Daniel Tan has provided a wide range of great products and even
Traci Gregory, who has developed her own iFrames application,
recommends Daniels's FBMaxed as easier and more flexible.

P.S. There will be webinars every few days for people who purchase
this product with Q & A sessions included. - so heaps of support.


Ron Passfield, PhD, is the creator of,
a 24 weeks (6 months) training program in
social media marketing which covers content creation,
promotion and social networking including Facebook.