Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Indecision Cripples Productivity | Small Business Odyssey

Is Indecision Crippling Your Productivity?

indecision - tapping pencil

Indecision has a major impact on productivity – in fact, it can cripple your productivity.  When you are undecided, your cannot focus or gain momentum in a particular direction.  You spend all your energy on the decision process rather than taking action.

Many things get in the road of our productivity but indecision can have us going around in circles. When we are unable to decide on a goal or focus we are robbing ourselves of energy and consequent productivity. The tapping pencil symbolizes the uncertainty and inaction associated with indecision.

There are many decision making tools available to help you out so that you can overcome the negative effects of indecision. One of the simplest of these is the pros/cons or benefits/costs comparison of alternatives. This is best done with at least one other person otherwise you may stay in the rut and overlook some of the real differences between the alternatives. Our own biases and past experiences influence our perception of things, so it is worthwhile having someone else challenge our assumptions to get a more accurate assessment of alternatives. For more on how to improve productivity, sign up to my free e-course:

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

How to be Productive : Overcoming Your fears

how to be productive

How To Be Productive: The Internal Challenges

If you are a small business owner engaged in small business marketing, it is absolutely critical that you learn how to be productive. There are many demands on your time through email and phone communications, staff management, stock control, product and service development, accounting and taxation, relationship building with clients and strategic planning – to [...]

This post on my small business marketing blog looks at identifying the fears that prevent you from improving your productivity as a small business owner, Internet marketer, affiliate marketer or work at home mum.

It discusses the core fears that prevent people from learning how to be productive. It also introduces a free e-course on improving productivity:

Finally, it includes an audio introduction to my new membership course on how to be productive:

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