Sunday, February 20, 2011

Social Media Training: Lesson 24

I've just completed the 24th PDF Lesson in my 6 month
training program on social media marketing.

This Graduation Lesson titled, "Where to from Here?",
is designed to help participants explore how they can
best use the ideas in the SquidooRoo Program which
covered content creation, social networking and promotion,
including press releases and social bookmarking.

In the final Lesson, we explored how to create a Fixed
Term Membership Program and offered a process for
evaluating your own Internet marketing activity.

The final Graduation Bonus is an MP3 I developed in which
I share what I have learned in creating the SquidooRoo
Program as a Fixed Term Membership. While Lesson 24
covers the mechanics of creating such a Program, the audio
focuses on the inner journey and ways to overcome

It has been a long haul researching and writing weekly PDFs
over 6 months and locating or creating bonuses to go with each
week's Lesson.  However it was a rewarding experience and
members of my Fixed Term Membership Program have
commented that the Program is excellent.

Here's a testimonial from Allan James, the Start Business Mentor:
For someone like myself, with over 5 years experience online
and a fair degree of success, it's rare for me to find a
membership site and tutorials that adds to my knowledge,
stimulates my thinking, and provides practical ways and means
that I can put into action immediately to grow my business. 
Your excellent SquidooRoo course does all of that!

If you want to  master social media marketing for your own
business or to devleop your skills as a social media manager,
this Program is for you.

Click the link below to find out how you can grow in confidence,
competence and income with the SquidooRoo Program:

Ron Passfield,PhD, is a Giant Squid100, social media
consultant and dedicated educator with 30 years experience.