Friday, July 24, 2009

Earn money with RedGage - a review

Well I joined RedGage about a month ago and I am now
enjoying the fruits of my efforts.

I've made $83 to date just from uploading some of my
online content (a miniscule fraction - about .1%).

There are three ways to earn on RedGage as I explain
in this video:

I like the fact that you get paid for your backlinks
that you create on RedGage - much better than having
to pay for them (...and some of mine have ended up on
page 1 of Google results!).

I've created a Squidoo lens that provides hints,
tips, tutorials and videos on how to earn money on

RedGage enables you to upload videos, photos,
links, blog posts and documents. Here's a Squidoo
lens I've created to help people access
RedGage's superb tutorials:

I particularly like the ability to create links
to my
Squidoo lenses and then to store
these individual posts in RedGage Collections
so that visitors can access my lens ring on a particular
topic. Here's an example relating to Tennis:
Inner Game of Tennis

Of course, the other free benefits I get are sales of
my Squidoo Marketing e-book, new subscribers to my
ezine and potential affiliate sales.

Well, RedGage is a fun, FREE way to promote your Squidoo
lenses and blog posts as well as your photos and videos.

You can join up through this link (takes you to a
Popup registration form):
Join Redgage HERE

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