Tuesday, February 23, 2010

World Acupuncture Membership for Acupuncture Practitioners

Membership HERE has its advantages
A subscription WorldAcupuncture Members Only Program gets you instant access to:

  • Every item in the World Acupuncture Catalogue
  • Every issue of Alan’s WorldAcupuncturBlog
  • Tips and Marketing articles on Growing your Business from altMD
  • Downloadable videos, DVDs, Seminar Discounts, and helpful hints by Alan Jansson
  • Downloadable practice development guides
  • Acupuncture Discussion Group membership
  • Clinical skills and practice development tutorials.
  • Valuable Online Business Tutorials
Subscribe today and get all this and more.
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A site dedicated to upskilling acupuncture practitioners - videos, articles, workshops and practice guides from leading practitioners in Japanese Acupuncture. Educators include Alan Jansson, internationally recognized for successfully treating elite athletes using Japanese Acupuncture.

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