Saturday, January 09, 2010

Create animated music videos from your holiday photos

Well now that I am in my holiday break, I decided that I would
re-visit some of the digital photos I had taken during the year
and turn them into videos.

I told myself, "This is not work - it's too much fun, and it is!"

I get great satisfaction from turning my digital photos into
animated music videos.  I like the professional image of the
the finished product and the video gives me new perspectives
and nostalgic memories.  It's a good way to record a peaceful
experience that you can re-visit in times of stress.

Well, here's my latest effort which is based on a weekend visit
to the mountain village, Montville, on the Sunshine Coast,

This animated music video was produced with the
Animoto video creation program.

These videos are very simple to produce and very easy
to-remix to create multiple versions of the same video.

The simple recipe is:
Upload photos, add music and press button for "create"

Animoto uses the latest in cinematography to create a video from
your digital photos.  So you end up with a professional looking
animated music video that you can be proud of.

...and the cost?

Animoto is free if you just want to create 30 second videos -
and you can create as many of these short movies as you want
at no cost.  [By way of example of video duration, the above
video is 3 minutes long and took 60 photos to make.]

If you want to create an unlimited number of movies of unlimited
length you can get an All-Access Pass which at the time of writing
costs $30 per year.  The All-Access Pass also gives you access
to Animoto's music library for adding music to your video and
can be obtained at the discount price of $25
through the link below:

If you want to use the created videos purely for commercial
purposes there are three monthly and annual business rates
as well. 

...and the downside?

It takes a while to upload the photos to Animoto (particularly if
you have 60 to upload).  Animoto offers suggestions to speed up
the process however.  What I do is go off and do something
else while the uploading is happening - clear out my email,
edit my Squidoo lenses, write a blog post, etc.  When you
finish, one time benefit is that you can upload your new video
directly to YouTube ...and this is fast!

Since I travel a lot throughout Queensland conducting manager
development programs, I have been in the habit of taking my
camera with me and taking photos of the towns I visit.  I now
have a nice stock of photos to turn into videos and/or to
use as images to add to my Squidoo lenses.

[Note for teachers : if you are a teacher, imagine how much fun
your students could have creating and re-mixing movies? -
what a great way  to teach geography or any other subject for
that matter. Gen "Y" appears to me as the "re-mix" age.]

After that aside, I'm off to create some more videos from my
digital photos with Animoto.  BUT, I can't decide whether
my next one will be Surfers Paradise (at twilight), Stradbroke
Island, Noosaville, Mooloolaba Beach or Townsville on the
north coast!!

What a problem to have!  This is the most fun affiliate
program I have ever had the pleasure to promote.

If you want to see some of the Animoto videos I have created
to get some ideas, pop on over to my lens:

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