Monday, April 27, 2009

Visbilty: free resources to boost your profile

Visibility Consultant, Nancy Marmolejo, provides
a free action report to help you expand your visibility
and increase your Internet profile:

Why Social Networking: 4 Remarkable
Strategies to Grow Your Business, Expand
Your Referral Network, and
Increase Your Visibility.

Nancy is a Visibility Consultant who offers a
wide range of services to support you to
develop your profile and brand yourself.

Her free resources include podcasts that
are valuable insights into strategies for
developing visibility

One has to be impressed with her choice of niche
given the timeliness of "visibility" within the
context of the explosion in social networking.

Nancy's choice of podcasts as a major marketing strategy
lines up with the busyness of her target audience
and serves as an appropriate medium for her

Nancy offers a solid affiliate program for her product
offerings which include coaching and teleclasses.

Some lessons here for product developers and affiliate

1. choose a focus that builds on an emergent trend (so
you grow with it)
2. choose a medium that matches the message
3. be mindful of your audience and how they access

For more information about Nancy's approach,
Viva Visibility

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