Monday, April 27, 2009

How to become a Giant Squid

How to Qualify:

You need to create 50 great Squidoo lenses.


From Megan Casey (Editor in Chief, Squidoo)

"1. Access to our (secret) Giant Squids blog and
RSS feed, full of first-looks at new features and
insider tips.

2. A private email address to reach us about
Lens of the Day submissions.

3. A Giant Squid badge on all your lenses.
(And your bio/profile page too).

4. Gold stars on all your published, featured lenses.
Gold stars not only look nifty to your readers,
they also give you a little LensRank boost.

5. Your shot at making The Giant Squids Top 100
list, a list of the top Giant lenses, sorted by LensRank.

6. A Custom Lens Template tool. This one's BIG.
You can have multiple customized lens templates,
to help you pre-populate new lenses with modules
and copy that you like. Makes making lenses faster.

7. Did we mention first crack at our coolest new tools
and features? For example, the Giants got to hear
about HeyMonkeyBrain,,
the new dashboard, the Lensmaster Bio redesign,
MagicBuilder, Prediction module, and lots more
--days before the rest of Squidoo.

8. A chance at being featured on the
Giant Squid Community Showcase.

9. The power to nominate! When it's time for
the next round of new Giants to join the ranks
Giants can nominate the people they think
really deserve it.

10. No daily lens limits. Here's another big one!
You can start as many lenses a day as you want,
and you can have as many unimproved lenses
under construction as you need. We trust you.
We know you're going to build them out eventually.

11. Greenlighting. Have you heard of, or run up
against, our SquidDon't spam filter? It checks lenses
for language and topics that are not welcome on
Squidoo. But quite often, while we're playing it safe,
there are false positives. And that can be
frustrating. So we're greenlighting all our Giants,
so you never get stuck in the spam filter again.

12. Bonnie, Patti and Robin: your Giant Squid
Organizers. Heck yes they're a perk (to quote
Napoleon Dynamite). They're in your corner,
constantly representing and supporting and growing
the Giants program. That might be an intangible,
but it's an important one.

And there are new giant perks being
added all the time!

For example, 60 Giant Squids will get to have a
phone hook-up with Seth Godin shortly to discuss
questions and future directions for Squidoo.

There are lots of resources to help you become
a Giant Squid:
How to Become a Giant Squid
Giant Squid Mentor

If you want help to become a Giant Squid,
you can contact me through Squidoo (via one of
my lenses).

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
Giant Squid. He provides free resources
for Squidoo affiliate marketing on his Squidoo authority
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