Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 top reasons why you should build an authority site

Following my blog post, Why Create An Authority Site?,
I decided to produce an article identifying the 7 top

The reasons I advanced are:

1. You will be loved by Google
2. You establish your reputation as an expert
3. You become the subject of "buzz"
4. You are trusted
5. You are sought after
6. You will receive many mutually beneficial offers
7. You will have created a solid foundation for the
launch of your own products

In the article I discuss each of these in turn and
explain how they can be beneficial for you. You
can begin your authority site at anytime.

I recommend that you consider
building your authority site on Squidoo.

Click the link below to view the full article at
Why Build an Authority Site?: 7 Top Reasons

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IWI success team said...

Hi, just reviewed your lens (sorry, the comment is not about the actual post :)), very useful since I'm new to Squidoo, added your lens to my lensroll.