Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twitter Traffic Machine: Build your profile and your followers

I've resisted buying any Twitter traffic program to date.

What convinced me to purchase Twitter Traffic Machine

1. the very reasonable price
2. the ability to build targeted Twitter followers
(not random followers as with some other programs)
3. the capacity to leverage what I already do
(blogging, building and updating Squidoo lenses
and article marketing).

I think this last point was the real selling point for
me. One hour of time invested in setting the
system up paid immediate dividends with the
first wave of new Twitter followers...and this
recruiting will be ongoing without any
intervention on my part.

What I like is the ability to focus (and re-focus)
my follower recruitment.

I've had to change my original stance of limiting
the number of people I follow. However, this
has given me a richer store of tweets to view.
(I also discovered belatedly that I can view earlier
tweets by just pressing "more" - so I can access
the posts of my favorite people).

The Twitter Traffic Machine is certainly a way to build
your profile and Twitter following on auto-pilot.

You can check out the Twitter recruiting program here:
Twitter Traffic Machine

P.S. Twitter Traffic Machine has a great affiliate program
that is viral in nature and pays 50%.

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