Friday, October 19, 2007

Squidoo Affiliate Marketing - Article Writing (2)

The Bum Marketing strategy suggests that you use
articles to target specific keywords that have
high monthly searches but low competition.

I have been using MicroNicheFinder daily to
identify such keywords for my articles, lens tags
and the URLs for my new lenses. This tool
is absolutely invaluable:
MicroNicheFinder for Article Writing and Lens Creation

I have previously reviewed MicroNicheFinder here.

Enough of this rave...but I so rarely come across a
tool that is so useful and opens up so many new avenues.

Through MicroNicheFinder I established that Squidoo
Affiliate Marketing
was a keyword that had a good
number of searches but low competition, so I decided
to target it in my articles.

I already had multiple listings on the first page of Google
for the keywords squidoo marketing strategies
and squidoo marketing.

One of the secrets of article writing is to ensure
that your targeted keyword appears as the first term
in your article title (you also want it in your article
summary and spread throughout your article).

The title is critical - it's what Google looks at first!
The keyword does, however, need to be repeated as
indicated above to convince Google that the article is
really about the title topic.

It may take a bit of mental gymnastics to get your
keyword in the title but believe me it's worth it.

Here's proof - these two articles were written to target
the keyword Squidoo Affiliate Marketing
and submitted on 4 October to

Squidoo Affiliate Marketing - Use Squidoo to Leverage
Your Writing

Squidoo Affiliate Marketing - Get Multiple Listings
on the First Page of Google Results

Today (20 October) these articles hold nos. 3 & 4 positions
on Google search results for the term Squidoo Affiliate

In my next post on this topic I will talk about how
to use the resource box to reinforce your keyword rich


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Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate marketing
on his Squidoo lens:

Ron is the author of the ebook:
Squidoo Marketing Strategies

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S. Kumar said...

Yes. Authority Black Book is a great resource if someone is ready to spend some time in reading it and practising it.

The results are just too big to hide.


Courteously -- S. Kumar

John said...

I think what needs clarity for me is the "why", not the "how". Web page vs lens vs blog page - while they are somewhat different, all 3 are nothin more than pages to the SEs. Apart from the 'features' of each, why would I use Squidoo rathre than a couple new pages on a web site ? Or why bother with a blog when a few lens' are easier ? The MNF for example is marketed with focus on Squidoo, but I see no advanatge of that over using it to write new pages for a regular site. So why use 1 method over another ? Is it simply preference ?

Ron Passfield said...

The why - web page, blog or squidoo?

Well it can be preference but there are other reasons.

Blogs and lenses are easier to update on a regular basis (daily?) than a web site.

Google actually appears to favour blogs over websites and squidoo lenses over blogs.

So it is possible to rank higher in search engine results faster with Squidoo lenses than with blogs or websites.

I've seen some of my lenses jump hundreds of blogs and websites in terms of search results positioning.

The other thing is you can create and update a multimedia lens a lot faster than a website.

Blogs tend to be chronological in character and its hard to create multiple blogs. You can create a publishable lens in 10 minutes and focus each one on a different topic or product. Keeping it up to date is also easy.

Besides I throughly enjoy creating lenses - they have the added advantage of capturing targeted traffic from Squidoo itself (through the tags system).

I actually use a main blog which I link to my lenses and link the lenses back to my blog.

In a couple of cases I also have websites but I haven't updated them for a considerable period.

My strategy is to create an authority blog (this one) plus one or two authority lenses (my main lens has a PR of 5 which usually takes years for a website or blog to achieve, e.g. article directories).

Yaro Starak talks about creating communication channels - websites, blogs and Squidoo lenses are just forms of communication channels. The more, the merrier.

Ron P.