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Squidoo Affiliate Marketing - article writing (1)

Article writing is one of the most effective strategies for
gaining traffic for your affiliate marketing Squidoo lens.

Articles bring targeted traffic to your site almost instantly
if you use the top article directories for submission of
your article.

Squidoo enables you to leverage your article writing through
the use of the link and/or RSS feed modules.

If you submit a number of articles to an article directory
such as, you can use the RSS feed on your
Squidoo lens so that whenever you publish an article, your
Squidoo lens is updated.

In an article I published yesterday I show how you can
use Squidoo to leverage your writing:

If you need further motivation, here's some great reasons to
write articles:

1. your article, with its resource box links, can appear
on the first page of Google results for your
chosen keyword.
(The article I wrote and submitted to on
Friday is number 3 on Google search results for my targeted
keyword today, Sunday.)

2. if you submit to high ranking article directories you
create valuable backlinks to your lens and/or blog., for example, has a Google ranking of 6.
(A confirmatory story - when I edited out my blog links
from my articles on, my blog dropped
from a Google ranking of 4 to 3!)

3. article writing and submission is an effective form of
viral marketing
(My 17 articles on have attracted
7,667 views and been accessed by 328 ezine publishers
who,in turn, have shared them with their subscribers.)

4. article writing builds your internet profile
and establishes your expertise in an area.

5. article writing brings you targeted visitors because
visitors find your article through direct search
(another form of what Seth calls "permission marketing")

6. you get to access visitors you would not otherwise

(one of my articles has even been translated into Spanish
and Greek would you believe!)

7. article writing gets easier the more you do it and
there are benefits for writing more.
(, for example, gives you priority
reviewing and greater exposure once you have submitted
and published 10 articles. My article written on Friday
was accepted the next day and listed in Google results
the following day.)

8. you can get continual traffic to your Squidoo
lens for many years
from writing and
submitting one article.

There are few internet marketing methods, paid or free,
that will give you a better return on your time than
article writing and submission.

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate marketing
on his Squidoo lens:

Ron is the author of the ebook:
Squidoo Marketing Strategies

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