Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Squidoo Affiliate Marketing: Post, Publish, Ping

I recently received the following question from a subscriber:
"How do I get more consistent traffic without having to do
specific actions each and every day (pinging, bookmarking, etc)?"

The short answer is you need to do those daily tasks
- post,
publish and ping.

Here's the long answer.

The amount of traffic you will get is a function of a number
of things:
  • Level of interest in your keyword(s) and/or topic area
  • Number of searches conducted for your keyword(s)
  • The level of competition
  • The value of your site to the reader
  • The frequency with which you update
(Re competition: the keyword "internet marketing" brings
up 53 Million results on Google and is controlled by
long standing marketers, some of guru status).

The Law of Attraction works in this arena too.

Repeat visits will come if you offer free and substantial,
expertise relevant to the viewer's goals. They will not
return if your site does not offer value.

I have learnt this through my blog and my main lens.
I get enquiries everday from all over the world and offers
to promote other people's products.

People are starting to refer other people to my blog, my
lenses and my articles. Others are creating links on their
lenses and blogs to my lens/blog. Two top marketers
recently mentioned my blog/lens in their own newsletter/
blog. Still others are seeking me out on FaceBook.

So if you are offering something of value that is timely
and needed by a target market, they will eventually
come to you. But they have to know that you exist.

Both Google (and other search engines) and Squidoo
will naturally give priority to sites that are regularly

One of my Squidoo lenses had a bug in it
recently preventing me from editing it, and in four
days it dropped from 270 overall to 737!

However, it has now reached no 8 position on Google
(out of 400,000+ results) - by daily updating and
pinging (lens first published on 17/9/07).

The gurus tell us that the marketing power now lies
with the quality authority sites (Wikipedia is but one
major example). One of the top marketers refers to
these authority people as "Top Dogs" - in her words,
those who offer substantial, free expert advice on a

Jack Humphrey, who I referred to in a recent post
actually claims to have coined the term
"authority site" - he certainly pushes it and his site
is a great example of an authority site.

If you download his Authority Black Book, you gain
access to his special traffic blog and another service
Through the Authority Site Center he will create a
Wordpress blog for you and a header and host
your site.
He uses special software to make your site
a traffic generator.
Plus you get access to a mastermind
group. All this for
$97 a month.

I mention this mainly to make a point!

Despite doing all this (using software he developed at a
cost of $1Million), he insists that you post daily...and that
is how you become an authority and develop an
authority site. His software automates the pinging,
submission to social bookmarking sites, RSS feeds, etc.

As you know by now, if you want to post daily, you
have to learn a hell of a lot pretty fast.

So even the very top people with the most sophisticated
traffic generating software in the world insist on daily

The top bloggers post four or five times daily - that's how
they dominate the search engines and their niches.

You can also buy traffic but it won't be as targeted as
organic search engine or Squidoo traffic (unless you
use something like adwords - at considerable expense).
However, if you do not update daily you can
drop in ranking in both Google and Squidoo.

So the moral of the story is - Post, Publish, Ping...
on a daily basis.

If you find this a challenge, check out my Squidoo marketing
lens for ideas on what to add to your lens:


Submitting your latest blog post to the various Web 2.0
news sites is a powerful method to generate immediate
targeted traffic to your blog or lens. This generates
high-quality traffic and links and builds your authority
status getting you into search engines faster and ranking higher.

The downside - it takes a lot of time to cut and paste your post
title, keywords and description into each site. Here's a way to
save time and get instant traffic - autosubmit to Web 2.0
news sites:

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and
provides free resources for Squidoo affiliate marketing
on his Squidoo lens:

Ron is the author of the ebook:
Squidoo Marketing Strategies

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S. Kumar, said...

Hi Ron,

You have put it in the right perspective.

There is no easy way out and to get consistent traffic, one has to enthusiastically do the daily chores.

Courteously -- S. Kumar

Ron Passfield said...

Thanks for your comment. I am becoming increasingly convinced of this - I have been watching the top
bloggers in action for some time now. They are very disciplined. Darren Rowse of posts three or four times a day (covering different zone times): (PR7)

Yaro Starak, another Aussie, based in Brisbane too, posts every day:
Entrepreneurs Journey

I have started using a routine and I am gradually refining it - using Yaro's 80:20 rule.

Ron P.

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