Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies: Find your Squidoo Micro Niche

James Jones has just filmed 5 videos that show you 5
different ways anyone can profit from little
Under-the-Radar niche markets:
Free Videos: 5 Ways to Profit From Niche Markets

One of the five videos shows you how to use a new
program called Micro Niche Finder to identify
micro niche markets (and related keywords) to
create Squidoo lenses to make money from
affiliate products and services.

Micro Niche Finder is able to identify keywords that
generate heaps of searches but have little competition
in terms of search engine results.

Jason James approach works on a simple two step

Step 1: Divert Traffic from one location (point A) to
another (point B).

Step 2: Convert the diverted traffic from Step 1
into Profit

He shows you how to use the Micro Niche Finder
and Squidoo lenses to divert and convert.

The all new Micro Niche Finder Software
will help you:

1. uncover completely overlooked
Niche Markets

2. identify low competition Niche Markets
that have high search engine traffic.

3. locate the most profitable
affiliate programs for Your Niche Market.

4. create Squidoo lenses to divert
traffic and convert your Squidoo traffic
to real affiliate profits.

This product gives you the chance to make money
from your Squdoo experience and knowledge.

P.S. I purchased my copy when I read a review of
Micro Niche Finder by a knowledgeable SEO expert.
He stated that he now used Micro Niche Finder in
preference to Brad Callen's "Keyword Elite" which he
also purchased and used. The great thing is that
Micro Niche Finder is about half the price of
"Keyword Elite".

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Anonymous said...


I had join an MLM company since 2003. You know all MLM company claims to be the best -maybe that's their way to attract people-. From my personal experience, it's not about the company's age or products that made Millionaires out of Indivduals. It's that Individual himself/herself effort and plannings that made them into a Millionaire because all MLM products are of good Quality and worth buying and I've seen newbies became Millionaire but the 'Senior' still struggling.

By the way, I've just finished a blog on Affiliate Marketing. Pls do come and visit. Thanks!

To your success,
Affiliate Marketing

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron I used Squidoo to get high rankings in Google unfortunately it didn't result in high profits.

Ron Passfield said...

Hi Kevin

Squidoo certainly helps to get high Google rankings. Whether you make high profits or not is determined by a number of other factors, including:
1. the number of searches per month for your core keyword (in your url)
2. the way your information is presented
3. the level and quality of the competition.

The people who are making real profits via Squidoo are creating lenses focused on long tail keywords that have a good level of searches per month but low competition. They focus each lens around a product/service review. They usually have multiple lenses of this type (with four or five modules each).