Friday, June 01, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies: The Squidoo-Google Dance

How do you get multiple listings on Google's first page?

You do what I did and create the Squidoo-Google Dance.

This strategy builds on a previous post:
Use Squidoo to Leverage Your Writing

Here are the basic steps for the Squidoo-Google Dance:

1. Create a Squidoo lens on "Your Keyword"

2. Start a blog on "Your Keyword" (or re-focus an existing blog)

3. Write an article on "Your Keyword" with the resource box
linking to your blog AND your lens.

4. Submit your article to article directories.

5. Create links from your Squidoo lens and blog to your article(s).

6. Set up an RSS feed from your blog to your Squidoo lens.

7. Start posting to your blog with "Your Keyword" in your post title.

8. Ping the blog directories for your blog and lens with each post.

So what is happening?

You have created a dynamic interaction (dance)
between your blog, your Squidoo lens and your articles.

  • Your blog and Squidoo lens are being updated simultaneously.
  • Your articles are creating backlinks to your lens and blog.
  • Your blog and Squidoo lens are creating backlinks to your articles.
By PINGING you are inviting Google to join the dance!

P.S. Make sure you have submitted your Squidoo lens and your blog
to the blog directories and search engines.

P.S. Get the whole picture with the Squidoo
Marketing Strategies eBook (includes regular


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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this post.
I have loved the squidoo dance and I am sure it is a big search engine traffic attraction. I am going to try it for one of my lenses. Thanks for it.

Wondering why you are not putting some adsense code on this great blog which has a nice lay out. Please put some code here to make you some more money from adsense.

I have a lens.could you pliz rate it for me. it is at search engine marketing


Ron Passfield said...

Thanks for your supportive comments, Lubowa. I don't have Adsense because Google dumped my account after a small network of mine created a clickthrough rate that Google thought was too high. It was a group of 180 teachers and the posts were all about online learning. I think too many of them clicked the targeted adsense ads. I should get back to putting other ads on but I have been so busy writing my ebook on Squidoo and setting up multiple Squidoo lenses such as :
Affiliate Marketing Coach

I will happily visit and rate your lens.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I guess Google doesn't care about the reciprocal linking with your articles?

Ron Passfield said...


Google does not seem to worry about this. Seven of the top ten Google results for "Squidoo Marketing Strategies" are either links to this blog, my lens or my articles (on various sites). I noticed this morning that even the technorati tags at the end of one of my blog posts are appearing at no. 9 for this search term.

Rudy said...

Very good info, I am using it right now,I have enjoyed your 7 lesson on Squidoo lens building and have built a few lenes on ebooks using your tips can you please have a look and rate them.


Anonymous said...

You are a professor! Please accept my congratulations on your Squidoo-Google-Dance concept. I have succeeded in no time. In fact, I have included Yahoo also in the dance. I notice Google is a better dancer than Yahoo. Let me try and rope in MSN too. Please bless me.