Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies: Digg-it and Reddit your Squidoo lens

Jonathan Leger, creator of $7 Secrets, has come up with a
great strategy to get your lens crawled fast, and get
high-quality one-way links to your blogs/web sites.

Here's Jon's strategy in full:

"As you may or may not know, I'm working to rank for the
phrase "coolest guy on the planet" in Google. My site
is currently #6 out of 984,000 results for the phrase,
and it's taken me less than two months to get there.

The site catalogs my efforts to rank for the keywords,
so I suggest you read over what I'm doing if you haven't
done so recently:

The latest trick I discovered, that sent my site from
#8 to #6 in 48 hours, was creating a Squidoo lens and a
few free blogs, each at a different free blog server,
and linking all of them to the site. This created
one-way backlinks, which is no surprise or secret.

What WAS new to me, though, was a method I tested to
get the lens and the blogs indexed in Google FAST
(within 48 hours).

To accomplish this, I submitted links to the lens and the
blogs as Digg.com stories, and also submitted them as
del.icio.us and Reddit.com links.

Since those three sites have very high PageRank (Digg and
del.icio.us are both PR8, and Reddit.com is a PR7), the
links to the lens and blogs were crawled within hours,
and the sites showed up in Google within 48 hours.

This means that the links pointing to the "coolest guy"
site got picked up in that same 48 hour period, and it
appears that Google applied the effects of the links
in that same period of time, jumping me up 2 slots from
#8 to #6. In addition to that, I also submitted links
directly to the "coolest guy" site to Digg.com,
del.icio.us and Reddit.com, adding 3 more high-powered
one-way links for Google to crawl and count.

How much difference does 2 slots make in traffic? A lot
more than you might expect! At #8 I was receiving 15 to
25 visitors a day to the site. After moving up 2 slots,
I'm now receiving 30 - 65 visitors a day -- more than

So if you're trying to move up in the ranks of Google,
create some good content blogs and a Squidoo lens
and link them to your site, then submit stories to
Digg.com, del.icio.us and Reddit.com to get them crawled
and indexed fast.

Jonathan Leger
www.AskJonLeger.com "

NOTE: Emphasis added - do not create empty or spam blogs
as some people are doing. This will incur the wrath of
Google and Squidoo!

P.S. Get the whole picture with the Squidoo
Marketing Strategies eBook (includes regular


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Affiliate Money Maker said...

Let's get a few things straight here, just for the love of being exact: del.icio.us actually places a nofollow on its links so while I readily believe in Digg bringing on the described effect the role of del.icio.us in getting indexed by Google is equal to 0. Yahoo, the owner of del.icio.us, however, doesn't pay attention to the nofollow and hence indexes the links off del.icio.us no problem. With all that said, Squidoo itself is considered an authority domain by Google - so even with 0 links to a newly created lens, it will get indexed and start ranking for at least something within 24-48 hours.