Saturday, May 12, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies: Use Squidoo to leverage your writing

In one of my articles I explained ways to leverage
your writing:
Leverage Your Writing to Increase Your Affiliate Income

Squidoo adds a whole new dimension to this approach.

Here's a process I used recently to leverage my writing via

A. Setting up the RSS feed

1. Create a RSS module in your target Squidoo lens

2. Enter the RSS feed URL of your blog/website in this module

B. Make a blog/website post

The source for this could be a new fr^e resource you
received, a forum posting you made, an insight you
gained or even a response you wrote to a prospect's question.

C. Edit your target lens

1. Add a tag or two to reflect the blog entry

2. (Re-) Publish you lens

D. Ping the search engines

Ping the search engines for your lens and your

E. Advise your mailing list of the new posting

You can incorporate your post in an email to your
mailing list. Alternatively, you can provide the post
title and link - this way people will visit your blog
or website (and this is a good thing!).

When you publish your lens, the blog post will automatically
appear in your RSS module.

So, with one piece of writing, you have updated your blog or
website, updated your lens, kept the search engines and your
subscribers happy, boosted your lensrank and helped the
Google ranking/listing for your blog and your lens.

If you have another related lens (as I have), you can also
enter the link of the blog post, if it is one that is relevant to
the other lens. You can then ping this lens after

For example:
1. I do my original post in this blog
2. my affiliate marketing coach lens gets updated via RSS
3. I enter the post link in my squidoo marketing strategies
lens in the relevant links module
4. I can then ping all three.

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Gavin said...

Hi ron,

How do you do the 'pinging'. Is that set up automatically when you save or is there something else or another service that can do that for you.

I use wordpress for my blogs


Ron Passfield said...

You use a pinging service such as:

You enter your blog name, your blog url and your blog RSS url.

For squidoo the RSS url looks like this:

...where the last bit after / is the last part of your lens url.

For users, the RSS feed is:

I will check out Wordpress RSS feed and let you know.

Ron P.

kem said...

For a Wordpress blog, the RSS feed will be:

Is it okay, Professor?

Ron Passfield said...

Hi Kem

If you use a blog hosted by that will be the feed address.

You can find out more about RSS feeds here:

Ron P.