Friday, May 25, 2007

Squidoo Marketing Strategies: Submit your lens for Lens of the Day

I recently submitted my Squidoo Marketing Strategies Lens
to the Lens of the Day Competition.

I did'nt make it first time up but my lens is under review for
the future. This gives me a goal to work towards.

So there is the first benefit - your lens get noticed.

If you are chosen for Lens of the Day you will get great
exposure and lots of traffic. Many people subscribe to the
daily notification of Lens of the Day and visit the ones that
interest them.

There is a link to the Lens of the Day Blog in the menu at the
end of each lens. This takes you to the blog where each Lens
of the Day is introduced. There is also a link for submission
of your lens.

One of the things I learned by observing others is that it is
very wise to add a comment with your lens submission
explaining what the lens is about and/or why you enjoy

I added a comment in my submission recently and Megan
Casey published it in the SquidBlog with a link to encourage
people to contribute to my Poll on "Why I Love Squidoo":

This generated a lot of traffic for me and improved my lens

You can add your vote to my poll at:

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