Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Stop Procrastination, Increase Personal Productivity

My latest Squidoo lens discusses how to improve your content
creation by removing the barriers to personal productivity.
The barriers are identified as:

  • procrastination
  • information overload
  • activity focus
  • lack of clear goals
The three building blocks of personal productivity
online are identified as:
  1. focus
  2. discipline
  3. leverage
The Squidoo lens identifies strategies in each of these
three areas to help you build personal productivity through
creating content online:

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Joan Adams said...

It is so easy to get distracted on line. I am anxious to read your lens and get some super ideas for focusing. I seem to do better with a really good daily list!

AJ said...

Ron, one of the best tips I heard about getting organised came from something you said on Giant Squid Open Mike, so I am heading over to the lens to see if it is on there. I am sure there will be other equally useful tips on there.

Getting organised on line is so hard - there's days when I feel I am like to ball in a pin ball machine, pinging all over the place - but I never seem to hit the jackpot!!

Masz said...

it so hard to beat procrastination, and there are too many challenges for me to go through. Thank u for the link, I will go and read it. Thank u for sharing too. :)

James Oh said...

I cannot find anything I can disagree with. Thanks