Saturday, March 13, 2010

Image Marketing (1): How To Use Flickr Effectivley

There are two key tactics you can use with Flickr to increase
the exposure of your website, blog or Squidoo lens.

1. Add the URL of the target website to
your image description on Flickr

The desired URL should be placed at the start of your description
and a related URL can be added at the end.  Just make sure that
there is some obvious connection between the URL and the
image description.

Here's an example from my Flickr account:

 2. Add your photos/images to relevant Flickr groups

This action should be taken after you have completed
the photo/image description as above.  Do a search for
groups that are relevant to the subjects of your
photos/images (e.g. location, sport, hobby, niche

For example, I joined a number of groups related to
Queensland and the Sunshine Coast.  You can also
start your own group and submit to it regularly.

Flickr makes it so easy to add a photo to a group that
you have joined - you can do this immediately after
completing the description or go back and do it later.
It is a good thing to get into the habit of doing this
with each upload.  What you have to watch is that
each group has its own individual posting limits
(e.g. two or three photos per day).  So you could
get into the habit of uploading 2 or 3 photos per
day to Flickr and add them to your relevant groups.

We can all learn a lesson from Ed Dale. Within his
30 Day Challenge Plus Masterclass he taught participants
two simple rules for taking quality digital shots (among a
heap of other tactics and strategies).  He then set up his
own Flickr Group for participants to display their photos
taken using his principles of good photography:
30 Day Challenge Plus Photoholics

This is a clever marketing strategy.

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Pete Moring. said...

Ron, that music is very scratchy and very annoying.
With no obvious way of turning it off, I think you will be losing many potential subscribers/visitors early on.

Pete Moring.

Ron Passfield said...

Thanks Pete - I have removed the video that had an auto-startup. It reminded me why I do not wantauto-startup on my own videos.

tzongyih said...

I heard this 1st time, it's good and easy way to do the marketing.
Thanks for your sharing.