Saturday, June 06, 2009

Twitter Traffic Machine Review (after 6 weeks)

I started with the Twitter Traffic Machine on 26 April
2009 - about 6 weeks ago.

At the time I was following about 29 people and had
around 250 followers. I had made a few hundred

Now (6 June 2009), my Twitter stats show:

Following: 2846
Followers: 2596
Updates: 1,170

I was reticent at first to purchase the Twitter Traffic
for three reasons:

1. I wanted to maintain control over the number of people
I follow.

2. I didn't want to be distracted from what else I was doing
with article marketing, Squidoo and blogging.

3. I did not want to spend a lot of time installing a new system.

My objections re the first point have vanished. I originally
just wanted to follow people I knew who would add value to
what I am doing. However, I soon learned the richness
of having a wider group to follow. I have learned so much
and connected with so many more amazing people.

I also learned that far from distracting me, the Twitter
Traffic Machine
has enabled me to leverage my other
activities and expose my blogging, article writing and
Squidoo lens creation to 10 times the number I could

The set-up of the Twitter Traffic Machine involves a
number of simple steps, mainly registering with various
tools and using the checklist provided to integrate them.
However, it's a set-and-forget system where you
continuously reap the benefits. Every day you receive
multiple new followers.

The system has an inbuilt viral affiliate program
which so far has enabled me to earn three times what I paid
for the Twitter Traffic Machine.

From my experience, one of the secrets of success in using
the system is to be focused about what keywords you want
to keep abreast of. I have focused on Squidoo and
affiliate marketing.

You can check out the Twitter Traffic Machine here:

BTW my stats at 17 June 2009 are:
Following: 3502
Followers: 3190
Updates: 1,380

You can FOLLOW ME on Twitter here:

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