Monday, June 08, 2009

Twitter Grader: measuring your power, reach and authority

Twitter Grader is an interesting free tool
that gives your Twitter activity a grading based
on criteria such as number of followers and tweets.

Twiter Grader explains their purpose below:
"What Twitter Grader is trying to measure is the
power, reach and authority of a twitter account.
In other words, when you tweet, what kind of
an impact does it have?"

The exact details of how the algorith is calculated is
secret but Twitter Grader includes the following
elements in their calculation:

1. number of followers
2. power of followers
3. number of updates
4. update recency
5. follower/following ratio
6. engagement

Each of these elements is fully explained here:
How Does Twitter Grader Calculate Twitter Rankings?

Twitter Grader then provides an overall score out of
100 (Grade) and an absolute ranking.

The Elite List is an ordered list of the top users (based
on ranking) and this changes daily.

You can get access to the elite list by location or by a specific
keyword and, if you are logged in with your Twitter username,
you can follow listed members by clicking the link beside
their name.

Here's my score and ranking:
  • Score - 99.3/100
  • Rank
    18,426 out of 2,314,488
  • Followers
  • Following
  • Updates
  • Overall rank: Elite
You can follow me on Twitter by clicking the link below:


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