Monday, June 01, 2009

Squidoo lenses: Use Google's Wonder Wheel

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Google has increasingly committed to providing
diversification in both search results and search tools.

The Wonder Wheel is a great example of this.

In May this year Google released the Wonder Wheel
which shows search terms that are related to your
primary search and does so in the form of a wheel.

This visual image highlights the way Google views the
relationship between keywords.

You can deepen your keyword research by clicking
on any of the keywords in the wheel and this takes you
to another wheel of related terms.

You can then use the keyword research to build
Squidoo lenses (or a network of them), increase the
coverage of your tags, write articles around related
keywords or even build HubPages linked back to your
Squidoo lens.

How do you access the Google Wonder Wheel?

Here's the drum:

1. Go to and search for your keyword

2. Click on "show options" at the very top of the search results

3. From the menu displayed on the lefthand side locate "Wonder Wheel"

4. Click the Wonder Wheel menu item

5. Your first-level wheel will be displayed

6. Now you can click on any hyperlinked keyword on the wheel to
go to another level of research.

For further information, check out:
Google Wonder Wheel

Don't forget to do something with the results!


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Indeed a useful tool by Google.
As the Googlewonderwheel site shows, there is a problem with he languages ! I hope Google will solve it soon.