Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Combine classified ad syndication with Google Insights for Search

In a previous post I gave an update on the
Google Insights for Search Tool.

This tool enables you to conduct fine-grained
market research for any keyword.

The beauty of Google Insights for Search is the
capacity to identify trends by country or by
region/city within a country.

It also provides data re "top searches" and "rising
searches" down to the city level.

Thus it is a great tool for local internet marketing.

Google Insights for Search does not provide absolute
numbers in terms of search results, but provides
a weighted number as an indication of the strength
of the trend. Trend data from this tool can be
supplemented with the search volume details provided
by the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

However, the real power of Google Insight for Search
is its ability to enable local internet marketing
via free classified ad sites.

Jinger Jarret has a great free member site with
a free report, audios and 48 hour marketing plan
to help you use free classified ads effectively.

You can check out her free marketing resources here:
Killer Marketing Arsenal

Jinger goes further and provides a
premium membership ($10/month) with
these great benefits:

1. 52 Week Internet Marketing Ecourse

You will start with the simplest techniques, like free
classifieds, and work your way into the more complicated
techniques like search engine optimization.

2. Classified Ads Syndication

Submit unlimited classified ads to the classified ads sites.
Jinger submits your ads to over 200 classified ad sites
including Google Base, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, MySpace,
Walmart, Local.com and others. This will save you a
huge amount of time in marketing your business, and while
you will be allowed to submit unlimited ads, comparable
systems will cost you $35 - $75 a month and you may
only submit a total of 60 - 125 ads depending on the site
you use.

3. Classified Ad Ecourse

This is a complete step by step course Jinger has written
to help you learn how to market using classifieds, as
well as write classified ads. Includes access to
Terry Dean's Killer Ad Bootcamp, the best course available
for teaching you how to write ads.

If you are serious about using local online marketing,
the Google Insights for Search (GIST), in combination
with Jinger's classfied ads syndication service, will give
you great advertising power.

It will save you heaps of time and money to have your
free classified ads syndicated across 200 advertising sites.

I have taken out the premium membership and found
Jinger's classified ad site easy to work with. I am currently
using it to promote my Squidoo lenses, my e-books and
affiliate products. Jinger's classified ad report shows you
how to make the most of this facility.

For example, I used the GIST tool to isolate a trend for a
particular keyword and then used Jinger's classified ad site
to target my ad to particular cities in Nevada and Florida
that showed up on GIST as having high search volumes
for that keyword.

To find out more about Jinger's classified ad
service, visit:
Killer Marketing Arsenal

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