Sunday, April 05, 2009

Use your Chakra energy to develop your Squidoo marketing

The seven Chakras are the hidden energy centers
in your body through which you receive, process
and transmit life energies. They act as
"energy transformers" and influencers of change.

Your thoughts, emotions or actions can either block
or activate these hidden energy centers.

Whether you are writing articles or e-Books,
developing Squidoo lenses or using other Squidoo
marketing strategies, you will experience the ebb
and flow of energy.

It is important to identify the things that block
Chakra energy and the strategies that help
to release energy. In this way you can experience
focused achievement.

The seven Chakras can be identified as follows:

1. Base Chakra – the energy of existence
2. Naval Chakra – the energy of activity
3. Solar Plexus Chakra – the energy of control
4. The Heart Chakra – the energy of community
5. The Throat Chakra – the energy of meaning
6. The Third Eye Chakra – the energy of integration
7. The Crown Chakra – the energy of Spirit

In the following article, I explain each of these
Chakras and identify ways in which we can block them
unconsciously. I discuss strategies that can be used to
tap the energy of each of the seven Chakras:
How to Use Chakra Energies for Squidoo Marketing

While the examples are focused on article writing,
the principles apply to any aspect of
Squidoo Marketing.

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