Sunday, April 05, 2009

Stick-at-it-ness: a key success factor in squidoo affiliate marketing

I have had two inquiries recently from subscribers to
my mailing list which related to the question, "Why
I am not getting traffic to my Squidoo lens?"

I noticed that one of them had a lens that was not
indexed by Google, had limited tags and was a re-hash
of a sales page - with no original content whatsoever.

How would anyone find the lens and why would they
want to visit the lens - let alone return for a second

I know I often have to resist the temptation to move
onto new things all the time and leave some things
unfinished or incomplete.

I have just had a few days free from travel and realized
that I could spend a day just improving the lenses that I
had created and integrating my marketing efforts further.
I set about doing that today and was amazed at what
I had overlooked.

Often the solution to growth of your Internet business
and income is right before your eyes, looking you in the
face – you just can’t see it! That's the theme of an
article I wrote some time ago:
Walk to gain insights into your Internet business

The more I study the really successful Internet marketers,
the more I am convinced that their key to success is not
only that they have a marketing plan, but they stick to it.

They have what I termed stick-at-it-ness. They stick to
their marketing plan and don't deviate - they are not
distracted by the latest and greatest.

They do the daily grind as well as the more interesting
aspects of Internet marketing (and when they are successful
they give the daily grind to someone else to do!).

I don't know about you, but I don't like routine - I love
creating new things, learning new ideas and trying out different
ways to do things.

But I have come to realize increasingly that stick-at-it-ness
and a planned routine is what I really need to improve
my online marketing results.

That's why PotPieGirl's One Week Marketing Plan
is good medicine for me. Her detailed, planned approach
builds income weekly through a phased approach to
affiliate marketing. If you follow her plan, your income
will grow week by week. But you have to stick at it!

As PotPieGirl (Jennifer) points out:
If you are willing to do for a year
what others won't,

you can spend a lifetime doing
what others CAN'T.

She goes further and suggests:
There Are NO Short Cuts
To Success…

But, you CAN spend yourself
into failure.

Well, today I have been doing a bit of searching on
terms related to squidoo and affiliate marketing, and
for almost every term I searched, I found one of
PotPieGirl's sites/posts/articles listed in the top
ten Google results - and that is why she gets heaps
of traffic (and makes heaps of sales).

Jennifer has that stick-at-it quality that makes her
highly successful - her One Week Marketing Plan
was recently the third highest selling ClickBank
product for her category. Jennifer's plan combines
the Google pulling power of Squidoo with the viral
marketing power of article marketing and blogging.

I can vouch for the effectiveness of her plan -
I have made over $400 just from applying
her plan (half-heartedly) to marketing her own

So if you want to copy a marketing plan that works,
visit the link below (but don't forget to stick-at-it
and you WILL be successful):
PotPieGirl's One Week Marketing Plan

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