Sunday, March 15, 2009

Squidoo: Focused Achievement

I was reflecting on Pat Rigsby's article, Activity or Achievement,
and thought about taking the theme further.

To me the fundamental issue is a lack of focus, which in turn
exposes us to information overload and the activity trap.

I have found that focusing on a goal and concentrating on
achieving milestones along the way is the fastest and surest
way to income and success.

It takes a hell of a lot of discipline to focus and concentrate
to achieve specific goals - that is why so few people achieve
success and income on the Internet.

If you become unfocused your brain becomes "scattered"
and your energy is dissipated. You can become like a
cork tossed in the sea of information.

Focus gives you an anchor and the strength to concentrate
and withstand the constant buffeting that will come your way.

I discovered Squidoo in early 2007, and immediately saw its
potential. I decided then and there to develop a specialised
expertise in Squidoo. I realised that the Squidoo platform
enabled me to do all the things I love doing - be creative, learn
daily, write, explore resources, share information and expertise,
build networks and coach/mentor others.

It also built on the work I had done before - blogging, affiliate
marketing, email marketing and article writing.

So my focused achievement was to build expertise in Squidoo
and use this achievement to educate, build networks and grow
my affiliate income.

So this focused achievement is reflected in my Giant Squid
status, Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster and the development of a
range of innovative Squidoo lenses.

My focus now is to educate others on how to build their own
authority status and to use that to build their affiliate income.

I have been very impressed with the work of PotPieGirl,
Giant Squid, in showing how to build affiliate income through
focused achievement. Her One Week Marketing Plan
is a prime example of focused achievement on a week by
week basis using Squidoo.

PotPieGirl (Jennifer) has demonstrated how a focus on
achieving weekly goals rapidly builds a sizable monthly
income. She shows how she went from a frustrated,
overworked Mum to earning over $150,000 per year as
an affiliate marketer using free methods such as Squidoo.

To follow her detailed plan of action, you have to be focused
but results are assured. I used her One Week Marketing
approach to promote her own product and have made over $300
to date from this one product.

So whatever you decide to do, focused achievement is the
route to success. Ask yourself each day, "What is the most
important thing for me to concentrate on at the moment if
I am to achieve what I set out to achieve?"


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