Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Search of Excellence

Thanks to my recent efforts installing the
Twitter Traffic Machine, I discovered two new
Squidoo resource people who are both, in their own
ways, focusing on excellence.

1. Personal Excellence Tips

Mukunda22, aka Kate Loving Shenk, and nurse of 25 years,
has produced a Squidoo lens on 66 Personal Excellence Tips.
This is a challenging lens offering a lifetime of learning.
If you found just one pertinent tip here and implemented
it, your life would be richer and so would that of the people
you impact.

I found Kate's own tip (No.41) particularly relevant:

Gift of attention. Practicing the gift of
attention offers
the perfect mirror for our
self-centered tendencies.
As we engage in
deep listening, the need to fix or
opinion is recognized in stark contrast
to the
mindful presence arising from the
practice. Thus, these
moments of ego are
allowed to pass without resistance.

This is one of the core themes of the management training
I do within the Health Sector across Queensland. I will
be able to use this quote (attributed) when I conduct
workshops in Rockhampton next week. It's something
I also need to put into practise myself.

2. Squidoo Lens Reviews

Squidoo Lensmaster, GrowWear, aka MiMi GrowWear,
has developed a blog to review Squidoo lenses that
exhibit excellence. Her purpose is "to give shout-outs,
nods and promotion to remarkable Squidoo lenses".

Mimi has also developed a Squidoo lens that discusses
her Blog.

On the blog you will find great resources for Squidoo
Lensmasters - interviews with Giant Squids and links
to Squidoo blogs.

The latest lens she reviews is one about a current global
issue - Swine Flu facts.

These are both great resources if you are in search of

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