Friday, May 01, 2009

Squidoo lenses: how to select modules

It is even easier now to create great Squidoo lenses
with the new module showcase to help you select
your Squidoo modules.

You can access the showcase by editing lenses as you
normally would and clicking the "Add Modules" button
on the top right hand side.

The new showcase will appear and you can make
your choice of module.

You can check out the most popular, see modules by
category (sell stuff, write stuff, web stuff, social stuff)
and even create your own list of favorites.

Megan Casey explains the new Module Picker here:

As with all things Squidoo, there is always assistance
and guidance on hand to help you. Ener-G,
aka Gia Combs-Ramirez, has created a special
lens to act as mentor in your choice of modules. Gia
shows you how to use the different types of modules
in her module mentor lens:

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