Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Squidoo: targeting the first page of Google for mutiple keywords

I have written previously about the benefits of Squidoo
in terms of deep indexing of Squidoo lenses by Google.
I have also identified strategies to encourage this deep

What I want to address here are ways to broaden your
Google presence by expanding the keywords that you
target. These strategies have enabled me to get on the
first page of Google for multiple keywords for the one
Squidoo lens.

After you have established a presence on Google for
your primary keyword, you can target other selected
keywords one at a time. You may even choose to
target keywords that have a higher search volume
than your primary keyword. I have done this
successfully in the past.

So here is the basic strategy:

1. Use your new targeted keyword as your anchor text
for hyperlinks in blog comments, Squidoo lens comments,

2. Write blog posts incorporating your targeted keyword
and use the following format as the title for your post:
Targeted Keyword: rest of post title
(e.g. Golden Retriever Dog Training: the benefits of
the crate method)

3. Write and publish articles incorporating your
targeted keyword and have a title similar to the one
Targeted keyword: rest of article title
(e.g. Golden Retriever Dog Training: taming the
retriever instinct)

I adopted the above strategy when I discovered
that my lens did not appear in the first 100 pages
of results for an important keyword. Now 5 0f the
top 10 ten results for this keyword are my links
- my Squidoo lens, blog posts or articles.

P.S. For info on Golden Retriever Dog Training

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