Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Squidoo: create a free report for traffic and income

Free reports are a great list building tool and
can also generate profits through direct advertising
and sales from your resultant mailing list.

Most top internet marketers use free reports to
build their mailing lists. The attraction of such
reports has increased with the global economic
downturn as people are looking for free or cheap
sources of information.

You need to provide quality information in your
report but not the total answer. You can provide
additional information via an email course or
ongoing updates.

PLR articles and reports can be re-cycled to create
the report or you can develop it from scratch. One of
the quicker ways to develop you own original free
reports is to bundle your own articles into an e-book
on a specific niche topic area.

Income can be earned by including advertising of
your own products or affiliate products. The key here
is not to overdo the advertising (usually placed on the
last/first page rather than throughout).

You can also sell advertising space in your e-book to
other merchants/internet marketers.

Once you have created your free report you can then
advertise it through your relevant Squidoo lens (lenses)
and provide links to the sign-up page for the free report.
The lens can also serve as "pre-sell copy" for the report
by establishing your credibility. You can link the report
to your lens for further lens traffic.

There are heaps of benefits in free reports, not the least
of which is the income flow from your resultant mailing

There are many free programs that will enable you to
convert a Microsoft Word document to a PDF e-book.

Here's one that I consistently use (PDF995):

Ron Passfield is a Top 100 Squidoo Lensmaster
and Giant Squid. He provides free resources for
Squidoo affiliate marketing on his Squidoo lens:

Subscribe to Ron's free Squidoo Marketing e-course:

Ron is the author of the ebook:

To learn more about Squidoo Affiliate Marketing
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