Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Facebook – Grow Your Network and Net Worth

Mari Smith, mobile internet marketer extraordinaire, has
just released two great products about Facebook.

The first is the excellent, Facebook Fortunes, which
is available via Podclass, a Facebook application:

You can get Facebook Fortunes free when you purchase
Facebook Persuasion Week VIP Recordings Pack:

Mari, true to form, teaches you about Facebook by engaging
you in the Facebook community she has created – her Podclass
community, Facebook group, Podclass forum, Facebook blog and
her related Facebook Pages. In her Facebook Fortunes,
Mari provides heaps of resources – MP3 recordings, videos and
pdf reports. She also points you to her blog posts about how to
use Twitter in association with Facebook.

I first met Mari on Facebook when she had parked her mobile
home at Yosemite National Park. She is travelling the US and
Canada with her husband and connecting with the rest of the
world as she goes. I wrote to her on Facebook about Squidoo
at the time and her energetic response was:

“Wowee zowie, you're sure the Squidoo expert - I love it!!
I just signed up for your free 7 day ecourse. I look forward to
exploring this most interesting platform.”

Many people talk about social networking in this mobile,
connected world. Mari Smith lives it! From her mobile
home she is a guest speaker on teleseminars, radio shows
and podcasts; hosts periodic teleseminars, and webinars;
develops new products; conducts classes; attends
conferences en-route and engages with the rest of the world
through Facebook, Twitter and You tube. Every day you
know where Mari is via her comments on Twitter, her
mobile lifestyle blog and photos/videos uploaded to
Facebook and YouTube.

Mari describes herself as a “Relationship Management
Consultant Specializing in No/Low Cost Buzz Marketing”.
Mari is everywhere on the Internet and her energy and
enthusiasm are infectious. She does not just write about
Facebook, she lives and breathes it – so Mari is a genuine
expert in the area. Her Facebook Fortunes is aptly subtitled,
“How to Grow Your Network and Your Net Worth on

Her Why Facebook blog is a superb resource and a great
model for any blogger.

Mari Smith’s second Facebook product is the very
comprehensive resource, Facebook for Professionals.
This complete multi-media guide focuses on how to use
Facebook to strategically grow your business.

Mari explains that through her course,
Facebook for Professionals, you can "quickly and
easily raise your visibility, increase your traffic,
grow your subscriber list, find joint venture partners
and make more money.”

Mari reveals the secrets to optimizing your Facebook
activity so that it is not a time waster but a real, fast

Facebook for Professionals provides dozens of streaming
audios/MP3 downloads, 13+ how-to videos, a 200+ page
PDF ebook, Q&A webinar, interactive forum …plus much

This complete resource for the serious internet marketer
shows you how to monetize your Facebook Activity and
explains how to:

  • create your own marketing strategy on Facebook
  • build your membership site using Facebook
  • sell more of your products on Facebook
  • get coaching clients from Facebook
  • find quality Joint Venture partners on Facebook
  • market your e-book on Facebook
  • create stickiness with your Facebook Groups and Page
  • participate on Facebook in just five minutes a day
  • delegate your social networking to an assistant
  • keep the momentum going on Facebook
  • create a strategy incorporating social marketing tools.
Check out this multimedia package now if you want to
really succeed with your online business:
Facebook for Professionals

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mykidsinheritance said...

Thanks Ron, but unfortunately Facebook Fortunes is no longer offered for free. Her squeeze page still says it is, but clicking on the link takes you to the order site for $47.

Ron Passfield said...

Sorry, you're right Melissa - I got it free and the squeeze page still says so. Though you now have to buy the Facebook Persuasion Week VIP Recordings Pack to get the Facebook Fortunes free.