Friday, May 16, 2008

AffSphere: Article Directory that PAYS!

Here's an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of
a new and innovative article directory that enables
you to earn both traffic and income.

Anik Singal, creator of Affiliate Classroom, has just
launched his new article directory, AffSphere, which
provides 8 ways to earn income:

You can get traffic credits for reading and submitting
articles and also share in AdSense income.

AffSphere is in the Beta stage at the moment, so there
are distinct advantages and rewards for being a "first mover".

Yesterday morning I submitted 5 articles to AffSphere
and they were approved within 2 hours (...and some of
them were shown as featured articles).

Here's a great way to boost traffic to your lenses, blogs or
websites. Get in now before Anik launches the directory
with a massive campaign:

I have watched Anik grow Affiliate Classroom over
the last few years to thousands of members. 35,000 people
read his weekly Affiliate Classroom newsletter. You can be
very sure that the official launch of AffSphere will be huge
...Anik does not do things by halves.

Got to submit more articles to AffShere.

If you do nothing else, check out the video about
the site:

See you on AffSphere...

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Sue said...

Hi Ron -

Thanks for the heads up on Affsphere. I signed up, submitted about a dozen articles under the 'writing' heading, and have had tons of views already. What a great resource - you've never steered us wrong so far!

Ron Passfield said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for the very positive feedback - I'm confident that your views will be even better soon when AffSphere officially launches. Anik has launched quite a number of new products ...and he does so with gusto.